Jimi Hendrix’s Flat – BOOK TICKETS NOW!

As explained in a previous post, the flat of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix is opening on Wednesday the 10th of February!

Brook Street in Mayfair, boasts home to two of the most revolutionary musicians, both cherished in their own field – Classical musician Handel and Blues/Rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Handel’s house has been open to the public since 2001 and as of next week, so will Hendrix’s, who lived right next door!

Over the past few months, everyone at Handel&Hendrix,  have been working incredibly hard to recreate the flat where Hendrix lived for just over a year. A place he described as ‘The only home i’ve ever had’.

384A_8. Jimi Hendrix at 23 Brook Street%2c 1969. Credit (c)Barrie Wentzell
Jimi Hendrix in his bedroom (c) Barrie Wentzell

The first room is a fantastic exhibition that explains his time spent in London, it chronicles and details some of his most famous gigs there. The space also holds one of his actual guitars as well as pictures, videos and interviews.

For the first time ever, visitors will be able to look through his records, an impressive and eclectic collection of Old Blues such as Lightnin’ Hopkins and Robert Johnson, Early rock like the Beatles and Bob Dylan, Jazz and Classical (Handel included).

Hendrix's Bedroom (c) Amy Dunn
Hendrix’s Bedroom (c) Amy Dunn
Hendrix's Bedroom (c) Amy Dunn
Hendrix’s Bedroom (c) Amy Dunn
Hendrix's Guitar (c) Amy Dunn
Hendrix’s Guitar (c) Amy Dunn
Hendrix's Record Room (c) AmyDunn
Hendrix’s Record Room (c) AmyDunn

That said, the real highlight is the fantastic recreation of his bedroom. This has been achieved by working closely with Kathy Etchingham, who lived in the flat with him, and by using pictures of Jimi when he lived there. On entering the room, one is surrounded by colourful rugs and throws, feathers and pillows – its magical, and for many, nostalgic.

I would urge any fan of Hendrix to come and take a look. Its the real Jimi Hendrix Experience!

Tickets are £7.50 for Hendrix, £7.50 for Handel and £10 to see both!

Get Your Tickets HERE.

Amy Dunn.


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